Community Staff Wellbeing

Community and staff wellbeing

Community and staff wellbeing at Hymba Yumba is viewed as a critically important.  It is recognised that jarjum outcomes can be positively affected when staff and families are looking after their own wellbeing and have a positive outlook. 

As partnerships and support are two key elements of the wellbeing framework, the school endeavours to form positive relationships with families through recognising jarjum accomplishments and engaging the community in events that help to foster community connection. 

Our Community Engagement Officers work with external organisations to provide opportunities for the community to engage in health and wellbeing endeavours.  

Staff Wellbeing is based on facets of positive psychology and the PERMA+ model (positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishment) where staff engagement and wellbeing is routinely monitored. Staff engage in professional development around cultural awareness and wellbeing to help develop and foster their knowledge.