Creating a community

Hymba Yumba recognises and pays respect to all Elders and those with Eldership, within our school and extended communities and acknowledges their critical role in the transferal of knowledge and culture so that our jarjums are grounded in the stories, art, song and language of their Ancestors.

Our Elders, play an integral role at Hymba Yumba, not only as expert knowledge keepers of culture, but also, in the guidance they provide the jarjums, school and its Board. Their expertise and stewardship within Hymba Yumba Independent School promotes a sacred place for jarjums to receive excellence in education, both academically and culturally, so that they can take charge as future leaders and transform their own communities.

Our Elders navigate community concerns and trends, provide cultural governance over the direction of the school and uphold the very essence of our cultural identity.

Through our Cultural and Community Engagement team, our Elders visit the school once a week to read to the jarjum in Primary and are looked after by jarjum in Secondary. This important intergenerational connection enables our jarjum to build stronger cultural knowledge that is grounded in First Nations values of belonging.