At Hymba Yumba we pride ourselves in offering jarjums a Prep-Year 12 education grounded in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. We are an independent, co-educational school based in Springfield with a strong focus on excellence.

As a small school with limited resources, we seek expressions of interest for enrolment of jarjums who are typically performing well at their age-appropriate level and are ready to work hard on their individual learning goals.

At Hymba Yumba jarjums are actively engaged in education and expected to achieve solid academic outcomes. As we have limited resources to differentiate across a wide range of ability levels, jarjums who display significant learning engagement needs or who are not achieving at their year level will be required to defer their enrolment until they can demonstrate required academic abilities. This may mean continuing their enrolment at their current school and re applying for enrolment later.

Applications for enrolment will be considered by the school leadership team. Contact will be made with the existing school (except for Prep enrolments) for a transfer note including information on attendance, behaviour, academic outcomes and support needs.

Decisions on enrolment will be on based on the best interests of the jarjum, other jarjums enrolled at the school, class sizes etc. Hymba Yumba Independent School reserves the right to refuse enrolment.

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