Creating a shared journey

The Hymba Yumba Foundation was established to raise funds to directly benefit every Hymba Yumba jarjum. Our vision is to inspire the Hymba Yumba community to partner with us in impactful fundraising initiatives in an effort to help shape our jarjums futures.

In the words of Uncle Albert Holt, “education is the key to everything”.

You hold that key.

Your support sustains Hymba Yumba’s vision to create endless possibilities and pathways for our jarjums to succeed beyond their schooling life.

Supporting investment in programs and infrastructure that deliver exceptional learning outcomes will open doors to futures shaped through education.

Donate today

By partnering with Hymba Yumba, you will help shape the future of our jarjums. Donate online today or contact the Hymba Yumba Foundation to find out more about the Foundation’s current projects. Phone 07 3381 8134 or email [email protected]

We invite you to walk with us to this future.

Making an Impact

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