Principal’s Welcome

Principal’s Welcome

Gurumbah Bigi to the Elders, families, staff and jarjums in our Hymba Yumba Independent School family and community.

Welcome to our wonderful school, founded and proudly based in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Culture. Hymba Yumba is a school of excellence, embedded in Indigenous culture. Our teaching and learning excellence stems from a 21st century cultural and pedagogical approach, focused upon the whole jarjum and his/her journey in education.

Our school is developing not only a futuristic approach to education, but also developing and building 21st century facilities to create an environment that is engaging and stimulating to create the strongest outcomes for our jarjums.

By the end of Year 12, our jarjums will be in a career pathway that is either ‘learning or earning’ and will be equipped with real life experience and skills. The vast opportunities provided here at Hymba Yumba are supported by passionate teachers and a strong network of partners with tertiary and vocational organisations.

Although teaching excellence is at our forefront, we focus on the jarjum as a whole and therefore provide multiple wellbeing and sports programs to support the jarjums in their education journey as we recognise, good mental and physical health is just as important as academic education in today’s society.

Upon graduation, our jarjums will proudly be able to lead in both worlds equipped with skills, experience, education, cultural knowledge and strength.

I am proud to be the Principal of Hymba Yumba and to welcome you to our school, our website and our unique way of life.

Peter Foster – Principal
[email protected]