School Governance

Welcome from the Chairperson, Kerry Silver

Our jarjums are at the heart of every action, every decision and every vision of Hymba Yumba’s Board. People have long said that education is the key to success, but I think it is opportunity, hard work and persistence.

This is what motivates me on Hymba Yumba’s Board. To provide every jarjum with the skills to persevere and the opportunities to live their fullest lives because in doing that, we honour all those that came before us and ensure our footprints are fortified for others to follow.

Uncle Albert Holt - Patron

Highly respected Aboriginal Elder

Founding Director of Searchlight Education (Springfield), Founding Elder of Brisbane Murri Courts, former member of the Queensland Indigenous Education Consultative Committee (QIECC), member of Ministerial Advisory Committee on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education (MACATSIE), member of the Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Consultative Committee (QATSIECC), Chair of Queensland Multicultural Council, Elder of the Year 2005.

Janeen Bulsey- Director


Kerry Silver - Chair

Kerry joined the Hymba Yumba Board to help with supporting jarjums in the region to attend a school that understands that cultural connections are integral to learning outcomes for jarjums.

Dr Marie Kavanagh- Director


Professor Tracey Bunda - Deputy Chair

Professor Tracey Bunda is a Ngugi Wakka Wakka woman living on the traditional lands of the Jagera Yuggera peoples.

She is the Head of Academic Programs for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Unit in the Office of the Pro-Vice Chancellor Indigenous.

Tracey has a 4 decade experience in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education and remains committed to strong educational futures for next generation Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students .

Jodie Elder- Director


Stan Sielaff - Treasurer

My career in education and training spans over forty years. I have held leadership positions in education and training across the State.

As a teacher and leader, I have had the great fortune to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in remote communities, on the Torres Strait Islands and in urban settings.

My commitment throughout my experience has been to ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have access to quality education and training and develop the skills and confidence that they consider necessary to pursue their life goals and careers

Bob Smith - Director


Stephen Coates - Director