Student Leadership

Student Leadership

Student leadership at Hymba Yumba Independent School is based on the principles of learning together, walking together, and leading together. Student leaders’ model cultural respect and knowledge, academic excellence, and lead their Tiddas and Bunjis to walk in two worlds.

Tyrell Hartas

Hymba Yumba Independent school, HYIS, take that in for a second. This school is a place of extreme trust and friendship between teachers and students, one of the first places I was genuinely cared about as a student.

A place where my thoughts and opinions are more respected than anywhere else I have ever been. This school of opportunities and respect has provided me with a second family. A place to work in my dream job (with dogs); a place where a child’s idea is more intriguing than a child’s “failure”.

Basically, Hymba Yumba has helped me project myself into the world much easier and make me feel more comfortable in the world.”

Bronson Tangihaere

“As one of the leaders within Hymba Yumba Independent School, I wish to be a voice. I want to express an awareness of realism throughout this community.

As an individual within Hymba Yumba family, I believe staying true to yourself is what creates uniqueness. During my 8 years within this school, I have learned how to be proud of my connection to spirituality and culture. As one of the many young Indigenous people within this school, I aspire to empower.

Hymba Yumba is a place where we can all learn to influence and inspire one another by learning to lead in both worlds. “

Rhianna Campbell

Kemiyah Maybanks