The 4 Respects

The four principles of respect

In the tradition of the oldest living culture in the world, jarjums are encouraged to focus on the four principles of respect:

Respect for Myself

Respect for Myself is about ensuring that we are taking responsibility for our actions and behaviour. At school, this can be shown by being a conscientious learner, arriving on time to all classes and completing all assigned work in a respectful manner. This Respect is also about ensuring that jarjums are acting with honesty and are active citizens who are always leading by example.

Respect for Family

Respect for Family is shown through developing and fostering positive relationships and ensuring that our actions are always a positive reflection on our family and Elders.

Respect for Community

Respect for Community is about genuine engagement, partnerships and being a productive and respectful school community member. Everyone has a role to play in ensuring that Hymba Yumba Independent School is a place that inspires jarjums become future leaders. It is about being an active participant in the community and ensuring that our actions add value.

Respect for Country

Respect for Country recognises the importance of the land, sea and skies in spirituality and culture. Iit is about ensuring we treat the Country with respect and make sure that is it not mistreated, damaged, or destroyed.