Dear Families, Jarjums and Friends of Hymba Yumba

 We are currently in a period of new beginnings and change as we look towards new leadership for our wonderful school. In the coming months, the Board will work with staff to keep us moving forward with the expansion of both our facilities and curriculum and restoring our school’s values of Indigenous excellence, parent engagement and community connectedness.

We will be working hard to strengthen our engagement with parents and communities because we know that our jarjums will benefit from having these relationships in our school. To achieve this, there will be more opportunities for families and Elders to be active in our jarjums education, we will be establishing a “Parents and Elders Group” so that they have a voice in our school, and we will be delivering more education-based community and cultural events and activities.

What has not changed, and will never change, is our commitment to our jarjums, their learning and development opportunities and the provision of a safe, culturally rich and exciting place for them to learn, laugh, play and grow. As we move forward into our next chapter, our jarjums, their parent’s and our communities will remain our focus, priority, and the reason for our existence.

 If you wish to yarn further about these changes, please do not hesitate to contact us.

 Yours in unity

Board Chair
Hymba Yumba Independent School Board
[email protected]